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User Feedback is all over the place.
Centralise, analyse, and find key insights across all your user feedback, in one place. 100x faster.

Trusted by Customer-Centric Companies:

90% cheaper ━ Put feedback analysis on autopilot and save $2,000+/month.
100x faster ━ Analyse surveys, reviews, support tickets, chat, in one place.
Fight churn ━ Fight churn & drive revenue backing up decisions with clear insights.

Save hundreds of hours analysing user feedback.


Aggregate, and centralise feedback from multiple sources.

Analyse 500+ data points in under 20sec.

Find users' pain points, patterns, and priorities, based on qualitative data.

Quantify qualitative feedback with users' verbatims and references.

Have a central source of truth for your team, based on user feedback.

Track the 'Voice of the Customer' over time, and place the right product bets.

Loved by Customer-Obsessed Teams

Turn feedback into revenue backed by customer insights.

"We put the raw data in, and Dolphin gives us the top themes back within seconds. We're now able to make faster decisions as a team. Because we get to the facts, faster. I would absolutely recommend Dolphin."

You're in good company

Get started in 60 seconds.

Understand what your users really want and are happy to pay for.
Across all your sources. 10x Faster.

Centralise: Connect your feedback sources.

Survey responses. Support tickets. Transcripts. Video interviews. Slack, etc.

Analyse: Dolphin finds patterns & key insights.

AI-powered feedback analysis. Focus only on the most important insights.

Act: Share with your team and act on those insights.

Export graphs, themes and verbatims to back up product decisions.

Start analyzing your feedback today

We help you take control of your superpower:
Your User Feedback.